Corporate image development

We design brand logos and corporate images including use definition and graphic manuals .


Coffe and music bar visual concept with slightly artisitic design.

MgA. Petra Oswaldová – Feldenkrais method

Whole graphic chart creation for Feldenkrais method Prague centre, MgA. Petra Oswaldová.

Trakce & Trakce railing

Logo design for TRAKCE company and their subsidiary TRAKCE RAILING including the preparation of complete graphic manual.

BKK Legal

Creation of the visual concept and corporate image of lawyer office BKK Legal.


„Cold” steel company OneSteel  and their unpretending or rather austere design.


Confectioner’s DEJSI makes delicious sweets, exlusively homemade and fresh.

And fresh must be their presentation also.


„ Clean“ logo for adventure agency PROČ NE? (WHY NOT?)


Public procurement consulting company RECTE.CZ and their tailored visual style.

Other samples…

Following you can see some other samples of our design, visual styles and logos created for our customers.